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Gladstone Shower Installation

For most households, a single shower area will be used by practically every family member. If this is true in your home, it is important to take everyone’s needs into consideration as you plan for your shower installation investment.

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Whether it is for a new bathroom or a renovation project, BP Renovations offers the best Gladstone shower installation that values both your time and money. Our services can be customized to fully address every user’s needs—accessibility, hygiene, safety, and functionality considered.

From kids and elders to anyone with physical limitations, we keep everyone’s needs in mind to create an inclusive plan for a more comfortable shower experience. We will even guide you in choosing additional features that can make your shower safer and more accessible to its intended users.

If you want a shower installation service provider that works with a professional team and reputable supplier, BP Renovations is inarguably the best there is. Talk to our shower replacement experts today, and we can help you create an installation plan that is both convenient and budget-friendly.

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Wide Shower Entrance

As much as functionality and comfort play a huge role in achieving your dream shower, the safety it provides for its users is equally important—if not more. With our Gladstone shower installation service, you will have access to stylish yet practical designs of showers with wide and barrier-free shower entrances.

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We will walk you through every benefit that installing this type of shower will give, mostly accessibility for those with mobility restrictions. This can be a great idea if you have kids and elders in the house. With barrier-free and wide-entrance showers, they won’t have to constantly step over something and only risk tripping and hurting themselves. Even those who go around in a wheelchair will find this type of shower easily accessible.

If you think that a wide shower entrance works for you, you can even look at additional safety features to properly look after your vulnerable family members. A simple grab bar and shower bench can go a long way in securing a safe and comfortable shower experience for all of them.

Handheld Shower Head

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Standing too long under the shower can be tiring and painful. If you want to avoid this kind of discomfort, installing a handheld showerhead will prove to be a wise decision.

With this feature, sitting on a shower bench while controlling where you want the water to flow can be done easily. This will give you the freedom to move around and rest anywhere in your shower. More importantly, handheld showerheads can provide relief for those with injuries, arthritis, joint pains, and other physical issues. Being able to sit while still showering will also lessen the slipping accidents in your bathroom.

Non-Slippery Shower Flooring

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Slipping and falling in the bathroom are pretty common accidents that mostly affect the kids and the elderly. Fortunately, technology has found a way to reduce the risk of these accidents and ease your worries as well.

Our showers come with various non-slippery flooring options that you can use to have a safer shower. Your shower with non-slip flooring can come in a variety of styles, designs, textures, and sizes, ensuring that it will be as visually appealing as it is safe.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Your shower is one room where you can drain both dirt and stress from your body. As it serves an integral part in meeting your daily lifestyle needs, it is right that you dedicate a modest investment to it.

BP Renovations is the best Gladstone, OR shower installation company and can make your new or revamped bathroom into a place of comfort, safety, accessibility, proper hygiene, and aesthetical satisfaction. With our team of bathroom specialists, you don’t have to worry about a faulty or lengthy installation process.

If you want an efficient shower installation that makes use of top-grade materials at a fair price, our team will be happy to plan your dream shower with you today.

Call BP Renovations at 503-447-8144 for your Free Consultation with a Gladstone Shower Installation Expert!


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