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Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement

Every shower needs to be kept hygienic, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for those who use it. Unfortunately, showers get heavy use and tend to become outdated and damaged as time passes by.

Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement IMG 0999 client 1 300x169BP Renovations is a trusted provider of Hazel Dell North shower replacement services that can offer effective solutions to any of your shower concerns. Each of our staff is an expert in their specific role, working together to efficiently evaluate your current bathroom condition and come up with a shower replacement plan that bears the best results while requiring the least time and money from you.

Depending on the specific goal you want to achieve, your needs, lifestyle, and design preferences, our team can always come up with an effective project plan to improve your shower’s functionality, accessibility, and visual appeal. Given that we use only the industry’s best materials, trust that our high-quality results will last for a long time for you to enjoy.

Ready to explore all the available options that fit your budget? Our team is here to guide you and answer all of your queries.

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Fast, Affordable Shower Replacement

As much as you want a safe and highly functional shower area for you and your family, you also don’t want the inconveniently long process of replacing your outdated shower. This is why BP Renovations developed a systematic approach to rendering quick yet equally satisfying Hazel Dell North shower replacement services. Your shower replacement can be done in just one to two days!

Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement KIMG0379 client 1 169x300Our work begins with a free consultation where we can get an initial idea of what you want for your shower replacement and then we conduct a thorough onsite evaluation.

Once everything is accounted for, we will propose an inclusive shower replacement plan subject to your approval. We aim to make this plan as efficient as possible, taking into consideration all the needs of the intended shower users. From the accessibility to the aesthetics of the entire space, we will provide you with options that fit well with your expectations as well as with your budget.

After you approve our proposed plan, it wouldn’t take long for you to enjoy your revamped shower area. In as fast as one to two days, our team can finish putting everything in place—securing a safe and visually appealing shower that functions to your utmost comfort. The durable, stylish materials from our trusted suppliers will successfully remove all traces of your damaged, outdated shower for good at a very reasonable price.

Call BP Renovations at 503-447-8144 for your Free Consultation with a Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement Expert!

Functional Shower Conversions

For some people, their previously installed bathtubs don’t serve much purpose anymore. In fact, they only add inconvenience to the overall bathroom experience of others, especially those with restricted mobility.

Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement IMG 1735 client 225x300If your bathroom is being used by elders or people who have injuries and other mobility limitations, you might want to convert your bathtub into a more spacious shower. This option is highly recommended even without users with less mobility level. If you don’t use your tub and your lifestyle consists of practical daily showers alone, bath-to-shower conversions are a good investment.

This transformation will give you more space to move around and lets you install additional features that function to meet your actual bathroom needs. We can complete your shower with some sturdy benches, easy-to-access racks, and grab bars, among many other features.

However, if you want to turn your shower into a tub instead, BP Renovations is skilled and equipped to do that as well. From ordinary soaking tubs to luxurious ones with jets that provide in-house spa-like experiences, we can give you your ideal bathtub through a convenient, cost-efficient conversion process in just one to two days.

Whether you want a bath-to-shower or shower-to-bath conversion, trust that our Hazel Dell North shower replacement experts can execute a plan that exceeds your expectations but not the budget you set.

Accessible Shower Updates

The accessibility of your shower is as important as its functionality and style. To give your household members the best care, it’s not enough to keep your shower area as hygienic as it can get. You should also keep an eye on the level of accessibility within your bathroom.

Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement IMG 0619 client 225x300As you plan for your shower replacement project, it is important that you consider the physical limitations of other shower users as well. This factor is especially important if you have kids, elders, or people with mobility restrictions who will use your shower.

To accommodate their needs, you might need to turn your old shower into a barrier-free one. This will provide easy entrances and exits, even for those who use wheelchairs to move around.

Our barrier-free and wide-entrance showers can also be installed with grab bars, shower benches, handheld showerheads, and easy-to-reach shower control panels for a more comfortable shower experience.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Given that the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house, investing in a shower replacement project can benefit practically every member of your family. Aside from keeping your shower hygienic, functional, and safe for anyone to use, replacing your old shower will increase your home value—an essential benefit if you are looking to sell your home later on.

BP Renovations is one of the leading Hazel Dell North, OR shower replacement service providers and can guarantee quality results within just a short period of time. Regardless of the goal you’ve set for the project, our team can customize a plan that will yield the exact results you want.

From durable, reasonably priced materials to state-of-the-art equipment and excellent craftsmanship, our shower replacement has everything you need to refurbish your old bathroom successfully.

Call BP Renovations at 503-447-8144 for your Free Consultation with a Hazel Dell North Shower Replacement Expert!


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